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The quality of the natural environment is the key factor for the “well-being” of the individual and for this reason, the company YANNI’S OLIVE GROVE through innovative actions has as its main axis its protection.

Gaiasense for environmental protection

Our olive groves applied, as the first and only pilot cultivation from 2016 – 2019, a new pioneering for Greece and Europe three-year program called Intelligent Agriculture (Gaiasense), which was organized in collaboration with the Greek national body GAIA BUSINESS and Neuropublic company.

One of the goals of this program was to maximize environmental protection through controlled irrigation, fertilization and plant protection of the olive groves, and to increase the quality of the product.

This special cultivation program continues to be implemented today by the company YANNI’S OLIVE GROVE, but at the same time it is given by the Greek institution bodies for use to all Greek olive growers.

KRINOS Olive Center of the American Farm School

The conditions of cultivation, harvesting and standardization of our company are under the care of the ” KRINOS Olive Center of the American Farm School”. Through special holistic programs and the scientific guidance of the ” KRINOS Olive Center” we manage to achieve top-quality products every year, based on the absolute protection of the environment.